Clean away

A cultural quirk I’ve struggled with intermittently over the years is an over-enthusiasm for bleach. It’s routinely used in place of other less-abrasive cleaning products and, back in the days when I taught at the language school, I even witnessed it being used to clean water glasses, which I wasn’t sure about at all.

On and off, I’ve prevailed upon a little domestic help to keep on top of things at home. I’ve been delighted by sparkling surfaces and a spotless bathroom, but less so by coming home to a house that smells like the local municipal swimming pool or my bath mats’ transformation into Jackson Pollock-style masterpieces as a consequence of liberal and/or sloppy bleach application.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, this.

In an attempt to clean my wall, part of the wall itself has been completely cleaned off. And not just the paint – the plaster too. Very thorough! Credit where credit’s due and top marks for zeal. The wall isn’t dirty, in fact some of it doesn’t even exist anymore.

This obviously isn’t the end of the world and I’m considering reframing this as Shabby Chic – or perhaps more fittingly – Strong-Arm Style.

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